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Solve Msfeedssync.exe Error – How to Fix Msfeedssync.exe Problems?

Msfeedssync.exe is an executable file that required for the proper functioning of Internet Explorer. If something is wrong with the process or the software associated with it, you may encounter application error and other errors related to msfeedssync.exe. How to stop the annoying error messages? Follow the instructions in this post and you will find out the solutions to the error.

What is msfeedssync.exe?

It is Microsoft Feeds Synchronization that belongs to Windows Internet Explorer from Microsoft Corporation. The process is used by the Windows Internet Explorer 7 and 8 web browser to periodically update in-browser RSS feeds which have automatic RSS Feeds synchronization turned ON. It is responsible for checking for updates to your RSS feeds and is required when you want to use the Live Feeds option to receive the latest RSS feeds in your web browser. Typically, the process is located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory.

What are the common problems?

One of the common errors is that the following error message may constantly pop up on your computer:

“msfeedssync.exe – Application Error

The instruction at “0x77d4bbcd” referenced memory at “0x00000048”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

Click on CANCEL to debug the program.”
msfeedssync.exe - Application Error
Another problem is that you may frequently receive error messages stating that the process attempts to connect to the Internet.

What are the causes of the errors?

The process or the Internet Explorer installed on your computer is damaged. Then the error messages often display on your PC.

Your computer is infected. It is possible that the process is disguised by cyber threats and brings about the error.

There are invalid registry errors on your computer.

How to fix msfeedssync.exe errors?

Solution1. Rename msfeedssync.exe.

When you get the application error messages, you can simply stop the error by renaming the process. It is very easy, isn’t it? Believe it or not, renaming the process works for many users who have the same problems. You just need to locate to C:\Windows\system32\ directory, search for the process and rename it.

Solution2. Reinstall Internet Explorer.

Sometimes, the error is caused by the damaged IE. You can try reinstalling the software to fix the problem.

For Windows XP, click Start, select Control Panel, and double click Add/Remove Programs.


add or remove programs

For Windows 7, click Start, go to Control Panel, click Uninstall a program under Programs.


Then select the Internet Explorer and click Remove or Uninstall button to uninstall it. And then reinstall it and reboot your computer.


Solution3. Disable the process in Internet Explorer.

If you use feed reader, such as Google Reader, RSS Bandit and Thunderbird, and do not need this IE feature, you can disable the feature to fix the error.

For Windows 7, click Start, select Control Panel.


Open Internet Options from the Control Panel.
Select the Content tab in the Internet Properties window.
Click the Settings button in the Feeds and Web Slices section and uncheck Automatically check feeds for updates and click OK.

Then the function of the process will be disabled.

Solution4. Repair Windows registry.

Windows Registry is a database which store data of applications on your computer. If there is something wrong with the Windows registry, many applications won’t be able to run properly. A number of invalid registry entries are generated due to improper installation, virus infection or other unknown reasons. They can lead to the applications errors on your PC. To repair those obsolete registry entries and fix the application error, you can choose to use a third-party registry repair tool to solve this problem. A professional registry repair tool enables you to perform a scan of the entire PC for registry issues and fix all the errors found quickly and safely without harming PC.

All in all, when you are facing the problems related to the process mentioned in this post, try renaming the process, reinstalling IE, disabling the process and repairing registry to solve the problems.  It is highly recommended that you use a reliable registry repair tool to fix the system registry automatically. In this way, you can completely fix msfeedssync.exe error within minutes.