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Instructions of dealing with Missing.dll

Details of Missing.dll ?

Missing.dll is a file that sometimes you cannot find, which cause your computer to act in wired ways, for example, it’s not shutting down properly. Generally, DLL is short for Dynamic Link Library errors. When a DLL error occurs on your computer, you are notified immediately through a pop-up style error message that will tell you what kind of DLL error you have.

This Missing.dll is similar to some of the more common types of DLL error, such as Corefoundation.dll Error, Leframe.dll Error, 3dx9_x.dll Error, and Kernal32.dll Error. Of course there is a bunch more, but these tend to crop up more often than some of the others. No matter what DLL error you are experiencing, the end result will upset you with disturbing your online activities. It slows down your PC performance and costs you much time on the restart process, which may drive you to mad.

Reasons for Missing.dll error Coming

There are many causes for the DLL errors, and the most common one causes includes the overriding of an existing DLL file being shared with an older version of a program across other applications. Another reason would be the installation or un-installation of a program conducted in the incorrect manner. Perhaps the installation of free programs makes the most contribution to this problem, so PC users should attach much importance on the installment. In a word, Missing.dll Error should not be ignored since the eventual outcome can be the slowdown or total crashing of a computer if not fixed.

How to deal with Missing.dll error?

Step 1.

Note: Run a system disk scan to check if there are missing.dll errors on the computer, to do this, we recommend you to download a professional registry cleaner tool – RegCure to perform a scan of the system quickly.



The reason why Missing.dll error happen sometimes is the operation of installation or the damaged programs. Thus we suggest you to reinstall the program that can’t start normally to fix the error.

Step1. Click Start button, select Control Panel.


Step2. Go to Programs and go to Programs and Features.

Step3. Select the program that needs to be removed and click Uninstall. Get rid of it from your computer.

Step4. After having completely uninstalled the drivers, you can run PhysX installation with a parameter /quiet. The installation will then run automatically and successfully be installed on your PC.

Method 3. Run System File Checker to fix the damaged files.

Method 4.Repair registry errors.

Windows Registry is a database which keeps a list of the DLL file locations for your computer. If there are many invalid registry entries due to the incorrect installation of programs or virus infections on your PC, a lot of computer errors, including physxcudart_20.dll error, may appear. To repair those obsolete registry entries, you can choose to use a third-party registry fix tool to solve this problem.

To repair the Windows registry, we highly recommend you to use RegCure – a reputable registry repair tool to help fix the registry errors.

RegCure is a smart registry cleaner tool which is created with advanced techniques which enable to detect all registry related issues on your PC rapidly and repair them completely. By using it, you no longer need to worry about making mistakes when modifying the system registry keys.

Download and save RegCure on your computer.


Run the file and install the software on your PC.
Click Start Scan button to perform a full scan of your system.
After all problems have been found, click Next button and fix all the errors.


Warning: When you are facing physxcudart_20.dll error that is caused by damaged registry entries, you’d better not modify the system registry manually unless you are a computer expert. If any registry key is deleted by mistake, your system may even stop running. Therefore, using RegCure is the best choice for you to fix the Windows registry.