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How to Fix Mscorlib.dll Error?

Introduction of Mscorlib.dll

Mscorlib.dll is one of the components of Windows-based Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library where is crucial for the performance of Windows Operating System. It belongs to the system function .NET Compact Framework. Users can find it from C:/ WINNT/ Microsoft.NET/ Framework/. This file has been has been digitally signed from Microsoft Windows Component Publisher – Microsoft Timestamping Service. Numerous problems of computer will cause Mscorlib.dll errors, including (1) Unexpected damage on crucial system files which are associated with system startup items, (2) Missing, damaged or incompatible copy of mscorlib.dll, (3) Missing or corrupt registry files of Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library, (4) Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library being corrupted or overwritten by perilous computer infection, (5) Mscorlib.dll being invalid due to spyware or redirect virus, (6) Overloaded Windows registry full of obsolete registry files and components, (7) Incorrect modification on settings and configuration of system network settings and system security configuration.

Consequences of Computer Getting Mscorlib.dll Error

Once the computer Mscorlib.dll error happens on a computer, it will get the following unwanted results:
1. Process of loading the system being blocked by obscure system error messages
2. Blue Screen of Death errors along with unexpected system shutdown
3. Cannot load some of the crucial system files related with Microsoft
4. Common Language Runtime Class Library
5. Computer screen usually locked by complicated system error messages, including runtime error codes, .exe error messages, .dll error pops- up and system error codes
6. Unable to check updates for Microsoft Common Language Runtime Class Library
7. Cannot re-activate Windows AutoUpdate utility

Note: If you want to check if there are registry errors on the computer, we suggest you to download a professional registry cleaner tool – RegCure to perform a scan of the system quickly.


How to deal with Mscorlib.dll Error?


Enable Windows Auto Update.
For Windows 8
Step One: From Start, switch to Apps screen. Find out Windows System on the right, click Control Panel.

Step Two: Click Settings, click Change PC settings, click Update and recovery.

Step Three: Click Choose how updates get installed.
Step Four: From Important updates, select the option Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates, click Apply.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Step One: Click on Start menu, right-click on Computer, click Properties.
From System, select the Windows Update.

Step Two: Click Change Settings.

Step Three: Under Automatic Updates, verify that Install updates automatic (recommended) is selected. If not, select it.

Step Four: Select the frequency and time at which to install updates, and click OK.

For Windows XP
Step One: Click on Start menu, right-click My Computer, and then enable Properties.
Step Two: From the System Properties box, select Automatic Updates.
Step Three: Under Automatic Updates, verify that Automatic (recommended) is selected. If not, select it.
Step Four: Select the time that you would like for the installation to take place, and click OK.

Solution2. Repair registry errors.

Windows Registry is a database which keeps a list of the DLL file locations for your computer. If there are many invalid registry entries due to the incorrect installation of programs or virus infections on your PC, a lot of computer errors, including Mscorlib.dll error, may appear. To repair those obsolete registry entries, you can choose to use a third-party registry fix tool to solve this problem.

To repair the Windows registry, we highly recommend you to use RegCure – a reputable registry repair tool to help fix the registry errors.

RegCure is a smart registry cleaner tool which is created with advanced techniques which enable to detect all registry related issues on your PC rapidly and repair them completely. By using it, you no longer need to worry about making mistakes when modifying the system registry keys.

Download and save RegCure on your computer.


Run the file and install the software on your PC.
Click Start Scan button to perform a full scan of your system.
After all problems have been found, click Next button and fix all the errors.


Warning: When you are facing physxcudart_20.dll error that is caused by damaged registry entries, you’d better not modify the system registry manually unless you are a computer expert. If any registry key is deleted by mistake, your system may even stop running. Therefore, using RegCure is the best choice for you to fix the Windows registry.