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How to Deal with AvastSvc.exe?

What is AvastSvc.exe?

AvastSvc.exe is a part of the avast! Internet Security which is set to run at the background of the system. The update issues and scheduled virus scanning jobs of avast! Internet Security cannot work normally without this component. In general, its location is C:\Program Files\avast software\avast\avastsvc.exe. Other components associated with this file include aswJsFlt.dll, ashShell.dll, aswCmnOS.dll and ashserv.dll. AvastSvc.exe Error Messages will be causing by many problems like (1) incorrect changes on settings and configuration of avast! Internet Security, (2) disablements or modification of avast! Internet Security (if the computer is infected with spyware or redirect virus ), (3) Missing or damaged registry files of avast! Internet Security, (4) damage on on program files of avast! Internet Security, (5) Missing or damaged system security related files, (6) incorrect modification on system network settings and system security settings, (7) Chaos of Windows registry caused by loads of obsolete registry components, including empty registry, (8) keys, embedded registry keys, invalid fonts sections and useless application paths, (9) Inaccurate changes on Windows registry.

Consequences of Computer Occurring AvastSvc.exe Error Messages

1. Internet connection being disabled silently
2. Unable to keep avast! Internet Security up- to- date
3. A long time for avast! Internet Security to start up completely
4. Unexpected shutdown of Microsoft Internet Explorer once avast!
5. Internet Security has been installed on the computer
6. Cannot load legal commercial websites
7. Unable to modify settings and options of avast! Internet Security
8. Unable to run Windows Firewall and Windows Defender
9. Google Earth being blocked by avast! Internet Security
10. Legal streams and multimedia files being stopped by avast! Internet Security to run
11. Huge consumption of CPU resources

Note: If you want to check if there are registry errors on the computer, we suggest you to download a professional registry cleaner tool – RegCure to perform a scan of the system quickly.


How to Fix AvastSvc.exe Error Messages Error?


Make sure your Windows system Updates Automatically.
Windows 8 Users
Click Start, and go to Apps screen. Find out Windows System and click Control Panel.

Click Settings and choose Change PC settings, click Update and recovery.

Click Choose how updates get installed.
From Important updates, choose the option Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates, click Apply.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users
Click on Start menu, right-click on Computer, click Properties.
From System, select the Windows Update.
Click Change Settings
Under Automatic Updates, verify that Install updates automatic (recommended) is selected. If not, select it.
Select the frequency and time at which to install updates, and click OK.

Windows XP Users
Click on Start menu, right-click My Computer, and then enable Properties.
From the System Properties box, select Automatic Updates.
Under Automatic Updates, verify that Automatic (recommended) is selected. If not, select it.
Select the time that you would like for the installation to take place, and click OK.


Fix Your Windows Registry Errors.

Windows Registry is a database which keeps a list of the exe file locations for your computer. Generally, a serious of problems will come if there are many invalid registry entries due to the incorrect installation of programs or virus infections on your PC, AvastSvc.exe error is no exception, To repair those obsolete registry entries, you can choose to use a third-party registry fix tool to solve this problem.

To repair the Windows registry, we highly recommend you to use RegCure – a reputable registry repair tool to help fix the registry errors.

RegCure is a smart registry cleaner tool which is created with advanced techniques which enable to detect all registry related issues on your PC rapidly and repair them completely. By using it, you no longer need to worry about making mistakes when modifying the system registry keys.

Download and save RegCure on your computer.


Run the file and install the software on your PC.
Click Start Scan button to perform a full scan of your system.
After all problems have been found, click Next button and fix all the errors.


Warning: When you are facing AvastSvc.exe error that is caused by damaged registry entries, you’d better not modify the system registry manually unless you are a computer expert. If any registry key is deleted by mistake, your system may even stop running. Therefore, using RegCure is the best choice for you to fix the Windows registry.