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Fix Cscript.exe Error – How to Solve Cscript.exe Problems on Your PC?

If you are facing computer problems related to cscript.exe, such as high CPU usage or application errors, you’d better fix it as soon as possible to protect computer from further damage. It might be a threat that harms your PC seriously. The errors often occur when you boot up computer or install some applications on the PC. If you have no idea how to stop the error, read this post and you will find out the solutions to cscript.exe problems. What is cscript.exe? It is a Microsoft Console Based...... Read More


Solve Apntex.exe Error – How to deal With Apntex.exe Problems?

Apntex.exe is part of Alps Pointing-device Driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista by Alps Electric Co. Ltd. When you update some applications associated with the process, you may encounter a black command screen. It is frustrating to receive such errors. When unfortunately facing this problem, you can follow the methods in this post to solve the error effectively. What is apntex.exe? It is device software for Alps Electric hardware, which is used to receive input from either a touchpad (on a notebo...... Read More


What is Qttask.exe? – How to Disable Qttask.exe From Startup?

Sometimes you may find that qttask.exe consumes system resources even though the applications that associated with this process are not running. In the Windows Task Manager, you can see that the process takes up some RAM silently in the background. If you want to disable it to boost the internet speed and optimize your PC performance, please follow the instructions below to solve qttask.exe problem. What is qttask.exe? It is Apple’s Quick Time Tray Icon, a shortcut for you to access the Qu...... Read More


Fix Upeksvr Exe Error – How to Deal With Upeksvr Exe Problems?

Upeksvr.exe is a part of the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software, which is developed by UPEK Inc. The software provides complicated security architecture to protect your computer from attacks by unauthorized persons. The process is part of Fingerprint Reader Suite. Usually, this executable file is located in the C:\Program Files subfolder. If there is something wrong with the process, you might experience error related to the process. The following methods can help you effectively solve upeksvr.ex...... Read More


Solve Pdvddxsrv Exe Problems – How to Fix Pdvddxsrv Exe Error?

Sometimes, you may receive pdvddxsrv.exe error messages on the computer. Generally, the error comes along with other errors and displays its error messages on PC screen. Then you may find some programs cannot start normally. Read this post and you will learn something about the error and the effective methods to solve pdvddxsrv.exe error. What is pdvddxsrv.exe? It is a CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program, part of Cyberlink PowerDVD by CyberLink. CyberLink PowerDVD is a media player for Micros...... Read More


Fix Ehmsas Exe Problem – How to Solve Ehmsas Exe Error on your PC?

Ehmsas.exe is a process that belongs to the Microsoft Windows Media Center. It is required for the proper running of Windows Media Center. If there is something wrong with the process or the Media Center, you may receive error messages associated with the process when you run Windows Media. When facing this error, you can follow the solutions below to fix ehmsas.exe problem effectively. What is ehmsas.exe? It is the Windows Media Center State Aggregator Service, which supports Media Center funct...... Read More